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What are Bitcoin ATMs?

A Bitcoin ATM allows customers to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It does not function as a regular cash ATM as it does not dispense cash. Instead, the user either deposits cash in the Bitcoin ATM or uses their debit card to purchase or sell cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin ATM is connected to the Bitcoin network and allows the user to connect directly to a Bitcoin wallet or exchange to either purchase or sell their desired amount of cryptocurrency. 


Bitcoin ATMs are entirely safe and secure and make the buying of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies entirely user-friendly. Indeed, they speed up the amount of time it takes for a user to verify their transaction and are exponentially quicker than online exchanges. Bitcoin ATM’s are also aesthetically pleasing and can be mounted on a wall or metal stand. They are also a brilliant way for your business to get involved with the exciting world of cryptocurrency and align yourself with the future.


What are the benefits of having a Bitcoin ATM in my business?


There are many benefits to having a Bitcoin ATM installed in your business. From increasing your revenue to differentiating yourself from the competition, below we outline the top three reasons why having a Bitcoin ATM is brilliant for business.


  1. Attract new customers

Who doesn’t want to increase the number of customers walking through their doors? Indeed, Bitcoin is growing in popularity every day, and as a result, millions of people are searching for convenient and fast ways to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies every day.


By installing a Bitcoin ATM in your business, you are not only adding an extra service for your regulars, but you will be attracting new customers who otherwise may never have found your business and ensuring that they keep on coming back for more.


  1. Differentiate yourself from the competition

By installing a Bitcoin ATM in your business, you will be standing out from the crowd and most importantly, differentiating yourself from the competition. Indeed, you will be aligning yourself with the future and establishing your business as both progressive and forward thinking.

Since it was created in 2009, Bitcoin has not stopped growing. In fact, it’s gone from strength to strength and any business that supports it now will not only reap the benefits in the future but create a reputation for themselves as a business that is adaptable and understands the future.


  1. Increase your revenue

And finally, although perhaps most importantly, installing a Bitcoin ATM in your store will in fact make you money. Not only can you share your passion for cryptocurrency with your customers and give them a convenient and secure access point to buy and sell cryptocurrency but if you decide to own your own Bitcoin ATM, you can earn an income from every transaction fee.


Alternatively, we will pay you a monthly fee to host a Bitcoin ATM in your store. And in addition to the assured monthly fee, you will also earn money from any customer that enters your store to use the Bitcoin ATM and then also ends up making a purchase from your store. For instance, if a woman comes to your store to use the Bitcoin ATM and while she is there, she realises that she also needs to pick up some groceries, you will then make an extra sale from the Bitcoin ATM.


How can I install a Bitcoin ATM in my business?


Installing a Bitcoin ATM is a quick and easy process. We have installed Bitcoin ATM machines all over the nation and would love to work with you too. To arrange an installation, simply fill in the form or contact us to speak an agent today.